Friday, September 30, 2005

Deluxe Gymini by Tiny Love - 50% off!!

As I've prepared for the arrival of my new little one, The Deluxe Gymini was one of the first products to be placed on my "must-have" list of baby toys. Culling rave reviews on Amazon (probably my most-relied on source for honest consumer reviews), the Gymini has drawn, at present, an average of 4.5 stars from 334 purchasing critics. That's good enough for me.

... so imagine my delight upon finding this little wonder specially marked 50% off at the Discovery Channel Store - cutting the price to just $31; with email code EMAIL05 ($5 off any purchase $25+), the Gymini comes down to $26 -- an extraordinary steal!!

As of this post, the Deluxe Gymini is in stock and on sale for $31 (not including any discount codes or other offers) at the Discovery Channel Store.

For more discussions about diaper bags and other mom-and-baby oriented products, check out my new subject-specific blog at Shopping Muse: The Mommy Edition.


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