Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Diaper Bags ... again

Honestly, I do not plan to turn this blog into a mommy shop guide, but lately I've spent practically every waking minute shopping (online and off) in preparation for my baby, so I may as well share some of what I've found.

Tonight I'm determined to make a decision about my diaper bag. I'm still loving the JP Lizzy line, and I just came across a discontinued Tan&Taffy print that I love and that - hooray - is on sale, since it's apparently been discontinued.

I'm also considering going the handmade/custom route ... Mimi's Sewing Boutique, while not a great website, has beautiful bags, and I'm also enjoying the custom diaper bag option at I'm Still Me, which is a little pricier.

Other great sites for unique/custom diaper bags:

Children's Cottage

Sommer Designs Handbags

(more updates as discoveries are made!)

For more discussions about diaper bags and other mom-and-baby oriented products, check out my new subject-specific blog at Shopping Muse: The Mommy Edition.


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