Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fantastic Magazine Deals

If you're resourceful enough (and some of us are better Googlers than others), you can often track down magazine subscription prices online for about the same cost as - and sometimes even less than - buying just one or two issues off the newsstand.

Now there's a site that does the leg work for you: not only compares subscription costs among twenty-four online magazine vendors, but it also takes into consideration discount codes available to find the best deal across the board. Results display the actual cost per issue among competing vendors, along with a chart showing how you can get the most bang for your buck depending on the length of the subscription that you're planning to order.

In a search for US News & World Report, for example, we can see that the best deals are currently found on, where a coupon (MPS80P) reduces the advertised price of $39.95 for a yearlong subscription to $7.99 - just $.15 per issue. This considerably beats out the next best deal on, which advertises a subscription price of $12.71 but is not further reduced by any coupons. Not ready to lay out the whole $7.99? If you'd prefer, advises the Results Chart, you could pay off a yearlong subscription in quarterly payments of $6.99 at And take note: Ordering a subscription at results in automatic renewals, and both and charge a $1.00 processing fee on top of the advertised subscription prices.

Overall, is a fantastic site - and one I refer to often.

My mailbox is monthly stuffed with the following subscriptions:
The Week, Real Simple, Reader's Digest, Marie Claire, Allure, Lucky, Cargo, PC Magazine, Wired, Money, and Writer's Digest.


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