Thursday, September 08, 2005

Product Review: Cherry 7up Plus

In case you missed it, Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages debuted its "Supermarket Showdown" commercial last week to promote the new 7up Plus products; the spot features Desperate Housewives stars Marcia Cross and Nicollete Sheridan in a prissy end-of-the-aisle battle to out-shop one another at the 7up Plus display and ends with Cross manhandling a 7up stockboy into her cart. Admittedly, the commercial caught my eye, but for once it was actually the product features itself that struck me more; the soft drink, which packs just 10 calories per can, blends Splenda-sweetened 7up with real fruit juice and – yet more impressively – provides 15% of a woman’s daily calcium requirement.

Thus far, I’ve tried only the Cherry 7up Plus. The company’s also marketing a Wildberry and some sort of Tropical flavor, neither of which – to me – sounds remotely appealing; I think they should have gone with a citrus blend (I know, I know – 7up is already “lemon lime,” but throwing in some orange or tangerine juice would have been tasty), or maybe a white grape. Meanwhile, I thought the Cherry was delightful – good enough to make a repeat appearance on my shopping list. Check it out!


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