Saturday, September 03, 2005

Things I Covet - The Perfect Diaper Bag

I’m expecting my first baby in less than three months (doctor says it looks like a little boy; we’ve dubbed him Jackson), and my ever-prepared mother tells me that now is the time to be working on my baby checklist. Being the compulsive consumer researcher that I am, however, a simple checklist will not do. I don’t need a bassinet, blanket, and sleep soother; I need the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Deluxe, Koala Baby Satin Edge Fleece Baby Blanket, and Dreamscapes Soother by LeapFrog. Some of the baby necessities (okay, and indulgences) are more fun to investigate than others … Figuring out the best burp cloths – not so fun; shopping for a fantastic diaper bag – much more exciting. This brings me to the point of my post:

Today’s object of desire is the JP Lizzy Diaper Bag. It’s fashion redemption for any woman who had to hand over $89 for a potato sack maternity dress. I love, love the look of these chic microfiber bags and pattern-coordinating accessories (various bags include a changing pad, toiletry bag, and/or keychain coin purse), and consumer reviews indicate that they’re remarkably sturdy. At the top of my list are the Jackie (in a pretty pink), Sophia (in elegant black), Diana (preppy pink and brown argyle pattern), Grace (cheerful pink stripes), and Apple Blossom.

Aesthetic allure aside, the bags may not be quite as perfect in terms of functionality: the zippered opening looks awfully narrow when it comes to rummaging through an arsenal of baby supplies for a pen or a pacifier, and the bags lack the elaborate organizational appeal of, say, the Okkatots Diaper Shoulder Bag. The classic black Okkatots bag, while not as disarmingly delightful as the JP Lizzy bags, includes a plethora of interior pockets, wet wipes dispenser, pacifier pouch, insulated bottle holder, and changing pad. Ah – everything in its place; if a baby makes life as chaotic as I’ve been told, I’ll definitely appreciate this orderly little safe haven inside a diaper bag. Furthermore, while the JP Lizzy bags ring in at nearly $100, the Okkatots Diaper Shoulder Bag will set you back just $50.

So which bag to choose? For me, it boils down to this: I covet the JP Lizzy bag, but I need the Okkatots bag. Why settle for just one? I’ll order the sensible bag now – and I still have three months to save up for the splurge.

You can buy either – or both! – of these diaper bags at

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