Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Totally Wired: Techno Kitchen

Thanks to the fine folks over at Luxist for the constant reminder that no matter how much we have, there will always be something out there that could make life just a little sweeter.

Today, they have me wondering how in the world I've survived so long without Dacor's Digital Entertainment Center in my kitchen. This little wonder features a flip-down touchscreen monitor/television, FM radio, CD player, washable waterproof remote control, and washable waterproof wireless keyboard. With one of these in my kitchen, I'd surf on over to AllRecipes.com and pull up some amazing recipes for dinner tonight (God forbid I should have to actually print them up and read the recipes off of plain old paper while I cook).

While I'm dreaming, I'll also take one of Dacor's coffee systems, a 52" built-in outdoor grill, and an indoor/outdoor warming oven, which "
even installs into your bathroom cabinets to heat robes or towels. "

I found the Digital Entertainment Center (
DKEC24S), which retails for $2899, for just $2499 over at Cutting Edge Appliances.


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