Thursday, October 20, 2005

Custom Design Your Own Jeans

Just can't find the perfect pair of jeans? Now you can make your own, thanks to, a site that allows customers to build the perfect pair of jeans, choosing among such options as fit style, fabric, waist, fly, stitch, pockets, trim, and accents in addition to painstaking measurements (waist, hip, thigh, knee, inseam, etc) to ensure a custom-made product down to the last detail.

Keep in mind, too -- custom jeans are not just for women; in addition to other tips (including caveats about high waists, tapered legs, and teeny tiny seat pockets), the site offers the following for their male and female clientele:

"Overall winner for men: A good relaxed-fit jean with good room always wins the comfort battle.

Overall winner for women: The best look for most is a boot-cut that sits naturally on hips and buttons a little below your belly button. A lower rise with a nice long rub on front gives legs more length and a leaner look."

Furthermore, the site offers a 100% satisfactions guarantee: If you find an error in manufacture, materials, or the options that you selected, the company will refund your charges (less S&H) or make a brand new pair at no additional cost.

Still not sold? The mejeans glossary will help you get your jeans lingo down (quick - what's the difference between cargo and carpenter styles?), and the site is worth checking out for its body type tips alone: Have big hips? Mejeans recommends avoidance of high waists and tapered legs (and, please, avoid tapered legs regardless of your body type!) in favor of "an exaggerated bootleg with diagonal seams." Full backside? Back pockets, properly sized and with vertical seams, are far more flattering than a pocketless rear, and a low rise waistline will also maximize (by minimizing!) your assets. There's plenty more tips to be found; check them all out at

mejeans run from approximately $90-$150, depending on the options selected.


Blogger mejeans said...

Hi Sarah,

Wow! Couldn't have written it better myself - And to think your write-up was unsolicited! Thanks for checking out the site and giving such a thorough and accurate report. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Thanks again, and keep up the good work - You really know your stuff and definitely do your homework!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

design your own jeans

make your own jeans


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